Thursday, 14 September 2017

Ultimate List Of Best Magento Extensions Must Have In All Magento Stores!!!

It is effortless for admin to add a new form with options because Magento Contact form extension has various field types. Admin can make changes to different parameters of the Contact form Extension by the admin settings page or form edit page. It can make changes into contact forms like enabling/disabling module, Captcha and e-mail Notifications. Email notifications can be received into multiple e-mail addresses of Admin. Field types in the Contact form extension like “Send Copy to me” allows a user to receive notifications from admin. Contact form Extension will always be a responsive design because the Flexible forms extension supports Magento version up to 1.9 which is a highly responsive theme; therefore, admin should not be worried about it. Using Contact Form Extension every product page can have a product inquiry page with the consent of Admin.

Blog for Magento is an extension which admin can use flawlessly to edit few things such as adding blog post for the type related to the topic, author tagging, and post date. Admin is also capable of enabling or disabling the comments and social sharing dynamically with the help of Blog for Magento configuration. Logged in Users can directly secure their featured comments. Blog for Magento has got a separate setting page option with the help of which widgets, sidebars, etc. can be managed by admin himself. Blog for Magento extension has various types of pages that can be visited by consumer any time they want like post list page, search result page and different archive pages like category, month, tag and author. Blog for Magento extension is SEO friendly and has many kinds of side bar options for sidebar management with enabling/disabling blocks and limit records. A user is given access to see all the various page layouts and post details on the front end category which is dynamically managed by the Admin.

Users should enable Magento shipping extension if they want to check the availability of the products about to ship, Cash on Delivery is available in their area or not, etc. Magento shipping extension also helps users/customers to know if the selected product can actually be delivered to the registered address or not and when will they receive the product. Magento shipping extension can help users to identify mainly two things. One is shipping details of the product and another is the availability of COD in a particular city or area. With the help of all the information regarding the availability of shipping and COD, Magento shipping extension can easily help a user to check out and proceed to payment. The per-login option of the consumers can help them directly identify if the selected product can be shipped to their registered address or not. Magento shipping extension form includes information about the zip codes/postal index codes of their city. Multiple zip codes can be imported by admin. Magento shipping extension can also allow users to select the shipping method for faster checkouts.

Contact form extension, Blog for Magento extension and Magento shipping extension are the best extensions available in Pixlogix Magento store because of their unique feature to enhance user experience.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

- Responsive Website Design Services to Revolutionize Business Websites!!!

In this cutting age today, responsive website design services are giving various compulsory task which desires to be accepted out the accurate at the foundation of the advertising the situation.

How to make Best Responsive Web Design for Every Device?
There is no essential to concern any longer about the compatibility of websites in numerous campaigns as responsive website designing is developing for a complete explanation for consistency. This helps as the rudimentary stage to approve any kind of product or goods and facilities of a specific company or group. Due to the thoughtful attention of community in the internet and communal media to be particular these days, websites are the very potential way of fascinating the peoples in imperative to arcade the facilities.

What is Responsive Website Designing?
Now these days, the new subsists are swamped with electric devices such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and laptops laterally with the desktop computers as well. It goes without proverb that the kind of simple conditions connected to display size, determination, stage, location and other associated issues of these plans vary from one device to the other.

What are the Issues in Responsive Website Designing?
The website creators used to tussle a lot in order to develop a possible explanation for such difficulties. They had to take attention of some elements and enterprise with separate topographies for different devices. Rather clearly, this is pretty an awkward job for the designers as well as for the commercial person who had to apply more quantity pointlessly for the similar website just to provide to the erratic device necessities.

Truly Reacting and Stunning Responsive Website Design
This superior type of website mechanisms with the help of positive predefined network plans, pictures as well as CSS media questions which will rearrange every time when a user adjustment from one device to the other by adjusting to the determination display size, appearance size, scripting aptitudes, and browser types and other automatic devices. This is certainly a bright technology as it is able to mechanize itself to such an amount that the user will not ever have to surface any problem with websites no substance how many devices are different.

Best Architecture of Best Design

The responsive architecture is in its most promising step at current as the technology is increasingly-receiving progressively to ensemble the difficulties of new website architecture. The main knowledge that motivates the working of the best responsive web design is the working of liquefied designs, media questions, and writings which are applied to develop the encryptions of website growth. These may in change assistance in improving the web pages as per the different stages of the electric devices mechanically.

After working concluded the main perceptions of responsive web designing in an intense way, now it’s time to appreciate the capability and usability of the websites in the excuse of the modern times. There are many responsive website development company in the world which are working with some of the most promoted website types of machinery as of now that essential to be provided to the ideas of responsive websites in a complete way so as to create these flawlessly working with the help of Pixlogix

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

What to Look Before Hiring Magento Development Company?

Today, Magento CMS empowers thousands of websites. That’s why the demand of Magento Development Company is increasing tremendously. It is surely the robust platform when it comes to developing the e-commerce stores. It offers plenty of functional features to help in the creating dynamic shopping websites. It is also renowned for its advanced features, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility. As it one of the most versatile e-commerce solution, this platform offers online retailers to develop the fully functional online stores by completely focusing on the design and usability.

There is hardly any doubt that Magento is an outstanding content management system. However, the choice of the organization that contacts Magento eCommerce development firm may make or break the reputation of the online store. If the firm is experienced one, it is sure able to offer the excellent web development services. On the flip side, the inexperienced firm might not prove the best choice. To find the best in class Magento web development firm, you should consider the following points.

The reputation of the Service Provider:
It is important to check the position of the service supplier as it will help to know the status of the company in the market. For that, searching on the Internet can help one significantly to know the reliability of the company. Taking the services of the right company matters as it is all about adding the functionality over the Magento website development.

The budget for Magento Web Development:
It surely needs to consider at the beginning phase as it will give you an idea of the companies that are providing the services under your budget. The packages of the Magento website development companies will differ, and that’s why it is vital. To prepare well in advance so that the communication should be done with all the firms who can provide eCommerce website development according to a specific budget.

Technology Used By the Organization:
Moreover, before hiring any firm for Magento Development work, it is ideal to ensure that the Magento development firm using the latest tools for providing the professional Magneto website development services. Integrating using latest technologies Magento powered online store will help any website to remain in the race of popularly known e-commerce websites which are involved in the similar business.

Skills, Knowledge, and Experience of the Professionals:
The use of the latest technology is only possible if the professionals are well qualified to use all kind of web development tools effectively Magento development. Thus, it is vital to check the check the skills the professionals. So, they able to utilize their skills to develop fully functional Magento website.

Check other customer’s feedback:

The last step that you need to take for finalizing Magento development Company is to check other existing customer’s review and see what they are written or tell about their experience while working with Magneto development firm. 

Moreover, knowledge of the current technologies is not enough in today’s time. The firm should able to manage all kind of demands by utilizing latest development and designing techniques.

So, keeping all the given points in the mind, you need to finalize one which best matches your business needs. For that, there are many professional eCommerce development firms like Pixlogix has resources and adequate skill set along with the knowledge of all the latest Magneto development and designing techniques. 

Pixlogix Infotech Launches Shipping Availability Magento Extension

With the help of the new extension, users can straight forwardly find the shipping of their products, availability of COD and delivery information. If the product is available for the submitted postcode/zipcode, the customer can effortlessly proceed to the checkout by Magento shipping module. The ease of use of products shipping and accessibility of COD will be showcased automatically to users who are logged in by their existing zipcode/postcode.

Admin can import multiple postcodes/zipcode by using the .csv file submitted from the back-end. Magento COD checker extension allows admin to organize cash on delivery method so that it will only showcase to precise postcode/zipcode. As well as admin can limit cash on delivery as payment methods based on configured details.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

How to Profit with WordPress Theme Development

Nowadays there are many people who know that how to profit with WordPress theme development. There is vividness in the ways of earning online with it. This is wide market share among content management systems with the percent slowly on newly websites. This offers an exceptional chance for developers, whether in the form of themes, plugins, or web design.

Which are the WordPress theme customization services?
Primarily, the customer will decide the type of theme which they planned to develop. For that, there are many multi purpose successful themes which give the solution for every web design need, so that can take much time and money to make ornate themes. There are many WordPress theme customization services which can remove the bugs in unavoidably discover. There are major four points to increase profit in WordPress theme development.

1.    Theme Development:
The theme development may be done separately using WordPress Theme design outsourced software. There are many themes which are made for using the free Bootstrap platform, with the plenty of coding essentials available for addition. There is a little learning curve to developing and advertising a theme. The WordPress development services have outsourced the work to a skilled theme developer, so there is may be no issue in getting a quality theme at a reputable cost.

2.    Developing of Allowed Form:
There is one method which proves for endorsing the theme is to make the allowed form, and it is called Freemium model. This form should be perfectly passable for simple websites, but with an increased premium form available. When many users do not upgrade, but it can upsurge the user base to a point where many people want the extra features. This type of advertising is effective if the wider theme narrows themes are struggling to make up a large customer base.

3.    Independently Marketing:
Marketing the theme allows keeping the substance of the profit, with income to invest in future projects. There are numbers of payment options, PayPal being a clear example. If the root of advertising chooses the independent route, it’s most important to have a strong advertising plan. The website ranking in the search engines may give access to targeted circulation, when paid marketing may be used it can generate a profit on the advertisement apply.

4.    Exhausting the marketplace:
Another to selling is to exhaust a marketplace. There are most popular two options ThemeForest and Mojo Themes. But, there are small replacements which can suit the theme style when it to follow certain strategies which are given benefit from the visibility growth on these popular platforms. Eventually, there are good and bad points to independent and marketplace advertising.

The fame of the Word Press, along with the gaining numerous Word Press development services with the help of an expert firm like Pixlogix. Theme development is another main or minor business with the opportunity of growth if there is a requirement. The WordPress themes also become resources and offering the chance to market the business in the future. As WordPress platform continues to gain and making themes is an initiative value chasing.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Role of PSD to HTML conversion in building Websites

21st Century is known as the era of innovation. This innovation can also be seen in Web development industry. Today, designing your Website has become very comfortable because of few tools. But among them, the tool that converts PSD to HTML is the most helpful. Even in countries like India companies are providing PSD to HTML India service for web development. PSD to HTML conversion is the most effective and fast way to build web applications. For a professional looking Website, it is vital to Convert PSD to HTML. PSD to HTML Conversion can also help you design the best professional Dynamic website with great graphics and themes.
Every Professional looking website that we see is full of Photoshopped images. Hence, we can say that any website without a Photoshopped image is incomplete. PSD to HTML Conversion is necessary as a website is always filled with Photoshopped files. PSD to HTML provides these types of files a suitable markup. To Convert PSD to HTML, we need to code the Photoshopped image into a language that every browser understands. This is an important part of web development because we must show the Photoshopped image as a web page on the website. 

Why is PSD to HTML Conversion needed?

PSD to HTML Conversion is a difficult task for new developers, but an easy task for the people who is experienced and have worked with it earlier. For an experienced, it is straightforward to Convert PSD to HTML. This is the reason why we should take help for PSD to HTML conversion. Websites with the best graphics are made by professional PSD to HTML developers only. From this, we can get an idea of how this has got a greater impact on corporate websites. PSD to HTML conversion has got the power to change the quality completely, look, design, usability, and functionality of the website. 

4 Reasons to Use PSD to HTML Conversion Service

W3C Validated Conversion:
The primary goal of building a website is to attract customers to the services you offer. This can be possible in different ways. One of them is building websites using W3C guidelines which will increase the performance and attract more traffic towards your website.

Cross Browser Compatibility:
PSD to HTML conversion leads your website to become cross-browser compatible.

Clean Code Structure:
Clean code structure ensures that every page of the website is 100% error free. This will reduce the resistance and lag, and increase the launching speed of the site.

Semantic Coding:
Semantic Coding helps to check if all the components of the website are at the right place and all the HTML tags match the content of the website. This step is very crucial for checking the functionality of the site.

Semantic Coding is only possible if you Convert PSD to HTML. Only PSD to HTML converted websites are ranked higher in all search engines. This happens because of the appearance and simplicity of the website.

With the help of points mentioned above, anyone can achieve higher ranking in the search engines. Advantages of PSD to HTML conversion are unlimited. All we need is a professional firm like Pixlogix to convert all our images from PSD to HTML. 

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Why Responsive website design services become famous over the years ??

There is a reason why Responsive website design services have become more famous over the years. Responsive website development is a technique with the help of which we can make our website adjustable with all shape and size of screens. It enhances the user’s browsing experience with the supple and reactive web page. Mobile browsing has been so popular for many years that Responsive website development companies were forced to develop the platform for the website where it runs on Desktop as well as Mobile and create a flawless experience for the user.

Because of constantly increasing sales in Mobile and Tablets the need of Responsive website design has increased. An excellent Responsive website design service provider like Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd. can help you boost up your business online.