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How Responsive Web Design Can Help Your SEO Strategy?

How responsive web design can help your SEO strategy?- Pixlogix

We now live in a mobile-first era. That is because most of the users are addicted to Smartphone and tablets, and it is not going to end.

According to the Statistical Data, it is observed that the total number of mobile phone users around the world is increasing every year. In 2018, the number of mobile phone users is forecasted to reach 4.93 billion

Consequently, Businesses will have to focus on making their website – Mobile Friendly.

With the advancement of new technologies and changing user preferences, a new concept came into existence known as Responsive web designs.

Get to know about Responsive web designs

Responsive web design helps you to optimize your website for both mobile and desktop use. It has the capability to adapt to any screen size without any hassle. If we look from the SEO perspective than responsive web designs are worthwhile.

How responsive web design can help your SEO strategy?

1. Boost your Search rankings

Google is the king of all search engines. According to Google, responsive web designs are highly recommended to get noticed on search results. They perform better in search rankings because they use unique URL rather than different URL for a separate mobile version of the website.

2. Beating the cost

Earlier, businesses had to develop two websites for two mediums, one for the website and one for mobile separately! This would cost double. Also, the site was not fully responsive; user needs to visit a website through desktop for full visibility of a website. Your SEO cost also increases as it has to accommodate two different URL’s instead one.

3. Less data redundancy

When you develop two different websites for desktop and mobile, a content of the website remains same though the URL is different. This duplicate content leads you to bad rankings. Google cannot identify itself which content is most relevant and that is the content being indexed. Results in lower ranking in search results.

This is another benefit of the responsive website that can deal with duplicate content. You can carry out SEO on a single site using single URL regardless of any device used to view the content

4. Speed optimization

You must have experienced ‘buffering’ and ‘loading’ of websites when you try to search clicking on URL. A website takes a longer time to load and you get frustrated switching off to another site. To overcome this Responsive website are important. They are dynamic in nature and run a code that optimizes the website and user can browse at a rapid speed.

5. Boosting social media sharing

Responsive websites are developed in a way to make the social sharing easy mostly for mobile users. Though it does not have a direct impact on rankings but helps in generating traffic. More traffic means more customer engagement leading to increased search demand for your brand.

Social media can help SEO, sharing, posting, commenting are an integral part of SEO. If the user wants to share the content, It will be difficult if your website is purely desktop-based to share the post, content on a social media channel.


Thinking to develop a responsive website? First get to know who your target audience is and what you want to convey them with the help of a website. Further, you can also plan a successful SEO strategy for your website. To leverage a responsive website and SEO strategy get in touch with us at Pixlogix

Thursday, 11 January 2018

How to Retain More Web Visitors by Using PSD to HTML Conversion

How to Get More Web Visitors by PSD to HTML Conversion

One of the most commonly raised questions is why are we creating a PSD file and then take all the difficulty in splitting it into small bits and pieces only to restructure them in HTML? The answer is very simple; to get started with an approachable and interactive website it’s vital to alter your static PSD documents to advanced HTML format. 

It is evident that your Photoshop-based files are totally moved by your resourceful thoughts as well as imagination and that PSD to HTML conversions emphasize them when rendered together to craft a fully efficient website. Customizations in PSD to HTML conversion for incredible websites are making way for numerous enterprises to make business profits.

To create impressive websites that will rank high on the search engines drives to make every web designer create perfect PSD to HTML conversions. Adobe Photoshop software helps to generate PSD files and present the key components you want to append to your website.

Significance of PSD to HTML Conversion for Website Creation-

  • Web Browsers don’t support PSD files as they are inert. Hence to build up a valuable and proficient looking website for your company, converting your non-compatible Photoshop documents into HTML format is a better alternative.

  • HTML is a superior coding language specified to build SEO-friendly websites. PSD to HTML has gained much popularity for website development due to the fact that the websites based on PSD to HTML conversion are understandable by a majority of search engine crawlers.

  • An important feature of PSD to HTML conversion is CSS i.e. Cascading Style Sheet. This feature enables you to incorporate pictures or vivid presentations which you desire to attach to the linked pages of your website making it favorable to divide or control content as well as tailor website using high-quality graphics, visual effects, and animations.

  • PSD to HTML conversion is imperative in order to create faster-loading websites with flawless coding and continuous ease of access.

Points you must cover for doing PSD to HTML Conversions

  • Hand coded – Automation used to form HTML codes is not a good option for web development. Thus to execute pixel-perfect conversion hand coding is majorly preferred over automation tools, unless you are honest with fixing bugs and know how to carry out front-end code.

  • Image optimization and load speed – PSD to HTML conversion allows you to optimize images by resizing as well as using one image several times. Optimization can also be done by customizing their file types with optional cost-effective methods. A website’s load time affects the search-engine rankings; the longer it takes to load the more prone it is to drop online visitors.

  • W3C validation When you have thoroughly converted the sliced PSD file into HTML, it is necessary to ensure W3C validation i.e. World Wide Web Consortium. The consortium validates the coding standards and flag up errors of your website. W3C validation is accountable for the existence or active status of any website accessible across the web.

  • Cross-compatibility and responsiveness To enable your users to have constructive and logical experience complete cross-browser compatibility is needed. It helps to successfully display your work across multiple browsers, resolutions, and platforms. On another hand, HTML5/CSS/JS coding is also crucial to create an interactive website to look upright on multiple devices which include desktops, tablets, and the phones.

Summing it up!
A perfection of PSD to HTML conversion is a technique that every web developer or business owner should think about. For trending online marketplaces, this approach can provide extraordinary results for your business. So, it has turned very significant that you select only committed and premium PSD to HTML Conversion Service Providers to ensure you get beneficial outcomes. 

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Wix vs WordPress - Which Is the Best Platform to Build Your Website? (Pros and Cons)

Wix vs Wordpress Which is best platform to build website

In today’s world,  a website is necessary — as the world is getting digitalized, and to show your online presence and generate business revenue. Are you trying to decide between Wix vs WordPress to build your website?
Wix and WordPress are popular website building platform, Wix is a tool which is cloud-based web development that allows a user to create websites with simple, drag-and-drop tools, and WordPress is an open source platform with blogging and many other facilities.

Here is the list of pros and cons:

Wix Pros:

Easy to Use: 

Wix has a nice UI with drag and drops functionality so the user can select from the themes which are preloaded after sign in the site.

Auto-Maintenance and User Support:

Wix is a proprietary website so it is auto maintained and the support available is 24*7 so sure can contact anytime for the query.

Great for Beginners & Quality Control:

As coding is not required, so it is great for starters and with paid service, it gives a great tool for developing the site.

Wix Pros & Cons for build website

Wix Cons:

Cost & Plugin Limitations:

Wix is not open source, so it has subscription fees and the plugins and themes options are limited.

No Custom Domains & Poor E-commerce:

There are no freely available customs domains, and the E-commerce facility is available in higher plans only.

Wix Branding:

If you are selected free plan of wix, then your website will automatically include advertisements and branding for wix itself, which is look like unprofessional and not looking genuine website so visitors not like that type of site. 

WordPress Pros:

No Cost:

WordPress is open source, so it is free, the user can download the latest version and can develop any site, as themes and plugins can be freely available for WordPress.

Lots of Plugins:

Wordpress offers more than 45K plugins most of them are free and easy to implement.


Wardress offers free and paid themes so the user can do customization according to its needs and desire.

Wordpress Pros Why Wordpress is better website platform


WordPress is SEO friendly so a user can boost its online presence by using keywords.


Wordpress is secure and safe to use, there are many plugins available for security and backup.

Custom Domains:

word press runs on custom domains site so the user can select their available domains name for their choice.

Built-In Blog and E-commerce:

WordPress has come a long way from just blogging tool to e-commerce giant so a user can blog as well as develop e-commerce shop as it offers different plugins for a payment gateway.

WordPress Cons:

Frequent Updates:

It has frequent updates, so the user has to update site, themes, and plugins at certain time interval.

Wordpress Cons for build website

Complex Page Builder:

the user needs to have a coding understanding as it doesn’t have drag and drop facility.

User Support:

WordPress is open source, so it has community and not dedicated team.

Wix and WordPress are both great so the user needs to decide what to use and how to use, if sure is still confused then following points will help them to decide.

Why Should Use Wix:

•    Simple drag and drop that requires no knowledge
•    Easy to maintain
•    Limited themes and customization And if willing to pay a certain amount then go for WIX.

Why Should Choose WordPress:

•    Free and open source
•    Robust in plugins, themes, and customization
•    Flexible and GUI based user-friendly
•    Customizable in any way possible in any projects

To do best WordPress development, you should hire professional firms like Pixlogix who have vast experience and great knowledge of all kind of web application development.

Monday, 23 October 2017

PSD to Wordpress: Why Your Small Business Should Care?

Every small business owner wants to grow his/her company big. Although everyone's target is different the path to success is almost the same. Websites are the most vital tool to increase business bigger and better. A good site needs the excellent amount of PSD images and hence, PSD to Wordpress conversion. If we sincerely want to manage our website, we need a skilled webmaster and developer who can do PSD to Wordpress development for our website. We would be much mistaken if we believed that PSD to Wordpress development is anyone's cup of tea. We need a highly skilled developer who can understand PSD to Wordpress Theme better. The people can manage PSD to Wordpress websites better are the one who is going to be the key person in the growth of our business. Here are the reasons why PSD to Wordpress conversion is important for your small business. 

PSD to Wordpress is important because it converts your photoshopped individually layered images into good-looking high-quality images which is nothing but a code. Initially when the image is made/edited it is in the PSD format which is a photoshop format that needs to be converted into known formats like JPEG, GIF, PNG, etc. PSD to Wordpress converted images are those images which are flattened then converted into the formats mentioned above. In the process of PSD to Wordpress conversion, the PSD files are saved in original format while designing the website. 

Once the PSD to Wordpress conversion is done, the next step is to verify it through a validation process named as W3C. The purpose of this validation is coding error detection and checking the accessibility of cross-platform compatibility of a website. It also checks whether the website is performing well in SEO rankings or not. Checking SEO ranking of PSD to Wordpress converted website is very important regarding identifying the area of expertise of our business. Whenever the keyword is typed in the search bar of the search engine our name should come first or at least well above our competitors. Apart from using Anchor texts one of the key features to excel in SEO rankings is to add PSD to Wordpress Themes. The reason behind the increase in PSD to Wordpress development is that it is no longer a thing just to make our website look beautiful, but now that everyone is using it, it has become a necessity. The websites that we usually see on top of every search are most probably PSD to Wordpress converting websites. 

According to a survey with the help of Alt tag which is approximately of 150 characters or less than that. No one can imagine that these 150 characters are capable enough to lure majority of the traffic performing image search which we couldn't possibly able to attract with normal images. This tag is used in case of low or no internet connection or when the PSD to Wordpress themes on websites are a heavyweight. This also includes flowcharts, figures, heavy charts, graphs, etc. 

Digital marketing is the key to success of any company to grow online. People can also perform tactics email marketing, blogging, etc. If we want to marketize even better than the best way is to choose the images which are converted from PSD to Wordpress because for blogging Wordpress is believed to be the best for its SEO and user-friendly nature.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Convert PSD To Wordpress Theme To Jazz Up Your Web Presence

Convert PSD to Wordpress Theme Image - Pixlogix Infotech

PSD to WordPress theme conversion offers ultimate solution to building creative content-based blog websites. Today majority of the people prefer websites which are developed using PSD to WordPressTheme conversion. It helps them to expand their business reach. Moreover, the ever-growing trend of web blogs also increases the demand for this robust open-source platform.

WordPress, which is earlier started as an open-source blog publishing application.Now days widely preferred because of flexibility and extensibility. Today a large number of developers and site owners using their ability to operate as a Content Management System to control and manage their website. It is also possible to Even; you can utilize the add-ons or widget to extend the functionality of as per your unique requirements.

Here, are some important things which you need to consider in PSD to Word press Conversion:


On Time Delivery Convert PSD to Wordpress Theme - Pixlogix Infotech

It is one of the highly important aspects which need special attention. You need to value your time if you wish to achieve success in this Value your time if you want to succeed in this competitive web world. You need to estimate how much time need to develop your theme and how much time you need to spend on it.


Expertise in PSD to Wordpress conversion - Pixlogix Infotech

Do you need to ask yourself whether you are capable enough to carry PSD to WordPress theme conversion process? Are you familiar with the PSD to WordPressTheme development? Do you know about the programming languages like PHP and CSS? First, need to find the answers to all these questions then, decide whether you can do it or require professional PSD to WordPress assistance for the successful completion of your project.

Cost of the Conversion:

Best Cost Effective PSD to Wordpress Conversion Service - Pixlogix Infotech

However, the amount to spend is always varied with the time duration. It is wiser to set the right budget before you proceed. Whether you want to hire someone to get a fully-functional website through flawless conversion or spend on a premium theme.

[Read] Seven Advantages of PSD to WordPress Conversion for Business Websites!!


If you want to develop some similar themes, then you should develop code in such a way that it can be reused whenever you want.

There are many free or commercial themes available surely available on the internet.You can download and installed, which helps you to change the look and feel of your website.

However, if you want to have creative and unique for your website, then nothing would be better than hiring a reputed PSD to WordPress Development service provider to get highly-customized themes. Hiring these professionals from a give you great opportunity to customize the existing themes or build creative themes from scratch.

Not an easy task:

PSD to WordPress conversion is surely not an easy task to handle alone. It requires knowledge an expert methodology and total understanding of the WordPress technology. That’s why you need to hire someone who has experience in website development can handle all sorts of issues related to this technology, irrespective of the complexity of the project.

Therefore, you should only trust a skilled developer, through an effective PSD to WordPress conversion, allows you to get thevisually appealing website that appeals existing as well as potential customers to visit your website, even help you convert them into loyal customers.

For that, all you need to do is to hire professional PSD to Wordpress solution Provider Company like Pixlogix. We have vast experience in this filed and will allow providing design considering your core business and design theme which is the best match according to your business.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Seven Advantages of PSD to WordPress Conversion for Business Websites!!

It has been more than one decade when Word Press has been in existence. It has gone on to become the most popular platform for the blog and corporate website development. Previously considered as a blogging platform. Today, many multinational companies use PSD to WordPress as the CMS for their websites. It is because of some reasons like full and easy customize-ability, security and support among many others.
PSD to Wordpress conversion files helps to site layouts to build using many coding languages. In this article, I talk about some advantages of PSD to WordPress conversion which helps any organization to get the best work for their organization.
Some most prominent Advantages of PSD to WordPress conversion:

1) Site accessibility:
WordPress is accessible using any browser, which means that users can access the back end for any website anywhere and anytime. The only thing needed is a working internet connection. It does not have limitations of computers, operating systems.

2) Enhanced usability:
Creating a WordPress website which may enhance possibilities of PSD to Wordpress conversion file. As it is one of the easy to use the platform, it helps developers to easily develop and even implement customizations to make it suited just right for any business.

3) Search engine friendliness:
Apart from There is no single platform that is search engine optimized right off the bat. That is because PSD to WordPress development has many which can implement to improve your search friendliness. These include simple and clean codes, a range of community-developed SEO plugins as well as options which helps to make on-page SEO easier. Every page has its description, Meta tag which allows to can insert desired keywords which allows connecting better with your potential searchers.

4) Flexible development:
It allows users to select from automated WordPress conversion, which is a complete system that needs very little coding knowledge. It is also possible to customize with the help of professional PSD to Wordpress developer.

5) Self-management:
The ease of use helps WordPress to consider easy to manage own website for minor maintenance and updating. It is also easy to make small changes without much help of a web designer or developer. It also offers a clean and intuitive web interface that makes control easy for common people.

6) Inbuilt blogging:
WordPress has begun as a blogging platform. Using this platform allows many benefits such as inbuilt blogging. With Wordpress, it is easy to integrate blogs and add articles and another type of content to improve search engines. It is also possible to use the RSS feed feature to improve the outreach of articles, as well as comment management and email subscriptions.

7) Scalability:
The biggest advantage of WordPress is its ability to scale quickly. It is also easy to keep the growing content database without harming website functionality. As such, as you can easily increase new markets and also use the same internet site, which is best for SEO purposes and helpful for any organization who are developing their site to get more conversion using these SEO plugins.

To get the best PSD to WordPress conversation work in India you need to hire a professional firm which has the ability and appropriate knowledge of handling and to provide the best PSD to WordPress India services. Then Pixlogix is certainly the most viable and best-suited option for you. 

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Ultimate List Of Best Magento Extensions Must Have In All Magento Stores!!!

It is effortless for admin to add a new form with options because Magento Contact form extension has various field types. Admin can make changes to different parameters of the Contact form Extension by the admin settings page or form edit page. It can make changes into contact forms like enabling/disabling module, Captcha and e-mail Notifications. Email notifications can be received into multiple e-mail addresses of Admin. Field types in the Contact form extension like “Send Copy to me” allows a user to receive notifications from admin. Contact form Extension will always be a responsive design because the Flexible forms extension supports Magento version up to 1.9 which is a highly responsive theme; therefore, admin should not be worried about it. Using Contact Form Extension every product page can have a product inquiry page with the consent of Admin.

Blog for Magento is an extension which admin can use flawlessly to edit few things such as adding blog post for the type related to the topic, author tagging, and post date. Admin is also capable of enabling or disabling the comments and social sharing dynamically with the help of Blog for Magento configuration. Logged in Users can directly secure their featured comments. Blog for Magento has got a separate setting page option with the help of which widgets, sidebars, etc. can be managed by admin himself. Blog for Magento extension has various types of pages that can be visited by consumer any time they want like post list page, search result page and different archive pages like category, month, tag and author. Blog for Magento extension is SEO friendly and has many kinds of side bar options for sidebar management with enabling/disabling blocks and limit records. A user is given access to see all the various page layouts and post details on the front end category which is dynamically managed by the Admin.

Users should enable Magento shipping extension if they want to check the availability of the products about to ship, Cash on Delivery is available in their area or not, etc. Magento shipping extension also helps users/customers to know if the selected product can actually be delivered to the registered address or not and when will they receive the product. Magento shipping extension can help users to identify mainly two things. One is shipping details of the product and another is the availability of COD in a particular city or area. With the help of all the information regarding the availability of shipping and COD, Magento shipping extension can easily help a user to check out and proceed to payment. The per-login option of the consumers can help them directly identify if the selected product can be shipped to their registered address or not. Magento shipping extension form includes information about the zip codes/postal index codes of their city. Multiple zip codes can be imported by admin. Magento shipping extension can also allow users to select the shipping method for faster checkouts.

Contact form extension, Blog for Magento extension and Magento shipping extension are the best extensions available in Pixlogix Magento store because of their unique feature to enhance user experience.